Louisiana Legacy Law, LLC: Planning for Your Family’s Future

Louisiana Legacy Law works with families on long-term plans for individuals with disabilities. Molly Sullivan is an estate and special needs planning attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Working With an Estate and Special Needs Planning Attorney

  • First of all, we talk with you about your family and your hopes and concerns for the future.
  • In addition, we can help you decide what kind of plan is right for your family.
  • Finally, we prepare legal documents customized to your needs.

About Our Office

All families need to have a plan for how they will support one another in the event that a member dies or becomes incapacitated.  Those who must plan for an individual with disabilities have additional concerns. Protecting loved ones from financial exploitation, for example, or preserving their eligibility for public benefits while setting money aside for their care. These concerns require navigating the complicated intersection of estate planning, social security law, and tax law. Our goal is to help families address these concerns in a comfortable, individualized and supportive manner.  Our practice also includes general estate planning and successions services for individuals and families throughout Southeast Louisiana.

Estate and Special Needs Planning Attorney Molly Sullivan